pecially formulated for the Asian skin, Beauty Face products are complemented by our advanced dermatological treatment to produce amazing results. Click here to look at some of our successful client testimonials and find out more about the technology behind our treatment.

  • Jolly Tan Yet San

    Occupation: Graphic Designer

    Age: 30

    Weight: 45kg

    "Thanks to Beauty Face’s Anti-Bac series and MIR Derma Wave Treatment, not only have I removed my dark eye circles, acne and eye bags, my skin looks more moisturised and appears healthier and brighter."

    Skin Problem: Pigmentation, Dark Eye Circles, Acne

    How Beauty Face improved this problem: Using MIR with Whitening Serum and Anti-Bac Series, the treatment causes the blood vessels to expand and promotes lymphatic circulation. This increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen, breaking down and removing harmful toxins from the circulation. Puffy bags under the eyes are resolved by the MIR Derma Wave treatment by activating dermal tissues to become firmer.

    Beauty Face products used: Whitening Serum, Anti-Bac Foaming Cleanser, Anti-Bac Cleansing Milk, Anti-Bac Strong Patch Mask, Sensitive Skin Serum, Oxygen Mask
  • Tan Mei Zi

    Occupation: Social Worker

    Age: 25

    Weight: 56kg

    "If I had little self-confidence, I would not be standing in front of an audience of 6,000 and presenting myself confidently to my clients now. The results of my face treatment are totally satisfactory. Before the treatment at Beauty Face, I felt very sad every time I looked into the mirror, but now I feel confident and satisfied looking at myself." 

    Skin Problem: Acne and dark marks

    How Beauty Face improved this problem: With Beauty Face’s Anti-Acne Facial Treatment with 100% oxygen injection therapy, oxygen and nutrients are able to better penetrate the inner dermal layers which add moisture and essential nutrients. In addition, the Anti-Bac formula helps to treat inflammation of the acne, reducing redness immediately and allowing the gradual subsiding of acne and pimples.

    Beauty Face products used: Anti-Bac Foaming CleanserAnti-Bac Cleansing MilkAnti-Bac Strong Patch MaskSensitive Skin SerumOxygen Mask
  • Tan Siew Hong

    Occupation: Assistant Engineer

    Age: 45

    Weight: 54kg

    "The filler significantly reduced the lines around my eyes and forehead. There is a feeling of rejuvenation. The Whitening Serum made my skin rosy, this beautiful transformation has helped me regain a youthful feeling."

    Skin Problem: Uneven pigmentation, dark eye circles

    How Beauty Face improved this problem: Siew Hong’s spots and pigments lie in the deeper layer of the skin, but many products on the market only work on a superficial layer and never really reach the area where the real problem exists. Beauty Face’s Oxygen Spa, Facial (Oxygen injection) plus double pulsed light therapy in photo rejuvenation, penetrate the dermal layer of collagen fibres and elastic fibres, and dissociates the pigments releasing into blood stream, thereby leaving the skin rejuvenated and clearer.

    Beauty Face products used: Whitening Serum, Wrinkle Filler Serum
  • Fenn Lee Fang Ting

    Occupation: Part Timer

    Age: 28

    Weight: 47kg

    "Due to the skin problem, I was constantly upset. But after the transformation, I feel both sentimental and sexy."

    Skin Problem: Underarm hair and pigmentation

    How Beauty Face improved this problem: The CPL armpit hair removal treatment permanently destroys the hair follicle under the skin, inhibiting further hair growth. The Whitening Serum erases irregular pigmentation with its active ingredients acting directly on all steps of the melanin formation.

    Beauty Face products used: Whitening Serum
  • Dona
  • Dona

    Occupation: TCM Lecturer

    Age: 36

    Weight: 46kg

    "I had no interest in the beauty competition initially as I had terrible skin problems. Now, my skin has improved and my confidence has increased greatly. I think the biggest change is the transformation to bring my confidence back. For the first time, I feel very good and confident in front of an audience of 6,000 people."

    Skin Problem: Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Dark Eye Circles

    How Beauty Face improved this problem: After receiving treatment with Whitening Serum and Collagen Whitening Mask, her skin colour became brighter and her dark circles and skin blotches reduced by 80%. The Whitening Serum effectively erased the melanin deep down and inhibited the new pigment formation while the MIR face lifting opened up the blood vessels, giving 5 times more oxygen and nourishment to the skin.

    Beauty Face products used: Whitening Serum
  • Kally Lim
  • Kally Lim

    Occupation: Accountant

    Age: 25

    Weight: 50kg

    "I am very happy with the result. The problem that I had before is now gone. Now my friends keep asking me what's my secret!"

    Skin Problem: Uneven pigmentation, Acne

    How Beauty Face improved this problem: The light photo-thermolysis treatment goes deep down under the keloids to cure the underlying dermis and unclog the pores. Regular application of the cucumber mask with a sedative function gives the skin an anti-inflammatory effect for nutrients to be better absorbed through the skin. Now, Kelly's dark scars have clearly weakened, and the size of the pores have reduced.

    Beauty Face products used: Whitening Serum, Anti-Bac Foaming Cleanser, Anti-Bac Cleansing Milk, Anti-Bac Strong Patch Mask, Sensitive Skin Serum, Oxygen Mask
  • Sally Peh
  • Sally Peh

    Occupation: Freelancer

    Age: 38

    Weight: 54kg

    "Thank you, Beauty Face. A slimming miracle has happened to me, I think there is nothing impossible in this world. The Beauty Face transformation has allowed me to learn a lot about stage presentation, etiquette and graciousness."

    Skin Problem: Cellulite in Tummy and Thighs.

    How Beauty Face improved this problem: The MIR machine together with the Slimming Serum instantly reduced 2 cm off her belly after one treatment. After evaporating the excess water retention,vasodilatation and detoxification, the MIR and Serum break down adipose tissues into small fat cells. These fat cells are excreted by lymph vessels.

    Beauty Face products used: Detox Serum, Water Retention Treatment Serum, Slimming Serum