Brand Philosophy

The Beauty Face Journey

True beauty begins with the genuine appreciation of who we are and knowing what our delicate skin needs to stay supple and young.

All too often, in our eagerness to attain fast results, we seek after skin care products that promise immediate results. These products however, may be incompatible with our long term skin care needs and sometimes do more harm than good.

These common misguided skin care approaches drove our Beauty Face founder, May Tee, to conduct extensive research and consult with dermatological experts from all over the world to better understand the essential needs of the Asian skin.

Her journey resulted in a unique series of Beauty Face skin and body care solutions that have been carefully formulated with the finest ingredients, behind the closed doors of renowned dermatological laboratories in France and South Korea.

But the Beauty Face journey did not just end there.

At every opportune moment, our Beauty Face founder is always on the lookout for the latest skin and body care technologies and solutions to continually improve Beauty Face’s products in order to meet the sustained needs of the Asian skin.

The Beauty Face 7+3 philosophy

At Beauty Face, we firmly believe in the philosophy of 70% prescriptive care and 30% customized therapy.

This means that 70% of successfully attaining ideal skin care outcomes lies in the consistent adherence to the prescriptive care routine recommended with your use of various Beauty Face products.

The remaining 30% comes in the form of professional customized therapy at our Beauty Face facilities to complete the holistic beauty cycle that your skin needs.

After all, true beauty is a journey. With proper prescriptive care and the right customized therapy, everyone can be beautiful.

BEAUTY FACE ASIA  PTE LTD was founded in 2005 by

  May Tee Lay Gor

SIM University Diploma in Business management 

Diploma of Confederation of Beauty and Cosmetology(UK)

Completed Nanjing Unversity Bachelor Degree Course in  Traditional Chinese Medicine

The year  1990-1998 = 8 Years in a Singapore’s world’s top brand OEM company,  in charge supply chain management, in charge brand like THE GAP, OLD NAVY, BANANA REPUBLIC, H& M, C & A, TIMBERLAND, WALT DISNEY

The year  1999-2008 - 8 years in the property business, 1st-year award top producer, completed  yearly multiple milliohm sales record

The year 2005- current: Created 42 skincare, health care, health food products to the market, in charge supply chain management, retail management, marketing, product development, created digital app mall  & o2o business model embark international market.

The Year 2003- current: 15 years in volunteer community’s service,

Beauty Contest Judge

Singapore People Association approved Trainer

Singapore ACTA Qualify Trainer(Singapore University of Social)


Create high-Quality Products brand to benefit to the consumers, to transform the business to digital and go international


Our mission is to provide an opportunity for everyone to build a business and improve livelihood

About the Company:

The year 2005 BEAUTY FACE ESTABLISHED by May Tee Lay Gor

Business activities are providing quality retail outlet  ONE-STOP Skin & body Solutions Centre, which is a premium skincare company dedicated to restoring healthy skin & body for people with skin & body problems. has helped numerous individuals resolve their many skin & body health & pain problems effectively through professional Therapists and customized treatment solutions. And created 42 skincare, body care, health supplement products, product formulation branding and distribution, O2O of skincare, health care in the international market.

 The year 2008

startup – factory Cosmed Bio-Technology Pte Ltd

Cosmed bio specializes in marketing and managing skincare and health supplement & health equipment export & import & distribute in Singapore & South East Asia

The year 2017

 startup subsidiary in  China Suzhou (苏州优丽慧化妆品有限公司) business activities included Online & offline Partners, training, marketing,  import & export skincare, health supplement in China.

Our appreciation & Award from society:

the year 2006- In appreciation of service from Chen san healthy lifestyle fair 17th Sept.

The year 2006 - In Appreciation to May tee – Honourable judge – Ms. Beautiful 2006 @Bishan Tao Payoh GRC

The year 2006 – In Appreciation – contribute – Punggol North Mid Autumn Festival

The year 2006 – In Appreciation – Honorable Judge – Punggol North Racial Harmony Day 2006

2006 – In Appreciation to Beauty face Support Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand Karaoke competition.

The year 2007 – In Appreciation for supporting the Punggol north teen’s day cum soccer challenge  2007.

The year 2007 – In Appreciation for generous sponsorship for SMFT fund- Raising Golf 2007.

The year 2008 -  In Appreciation to kind support Punggol East count down party 2008/2009.

The year 2008 – In Appreciation to contribute boon lay countdown 31st Dec 2009.

The year 2010 – In Appreciation for the generous contribution to the home nursing foundation HNF Charity Walkathon.

The year 2011- In Appreciation to for support fengshan Senior Health Fair 2011-fengshan cc SCE.

The year 2014 – In Appreciation for an invaluable contribution to clean and green Singapore.